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Tinned Packed Sweets

MTR Gulab Jamun
Brand: MTR

MTR Gulab Jamun 500 g

Ex Tax: ₹120.00

Enjoy the mouthwatering flavours of MTR Foods Gulab Jamuns anytime, anywhere. These traditional Indian sweets are suited to every occasion and every celebration. In true MTR Foods tradition, you can serve it with minimum inconvenience and maximum del..

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MTR Rasogolla
Brand: MTR

MTR Rasogolla 500 g

Ex Tax: ₹115.00

Rasgulla is a yummy sweet, which is most famous in North Indian side mainly in Bengali side. Supple, spongy balls of cottage cheese soaked in iced sugar syrup. ...

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MTR Gulab Jamun
Brand: MTR

MTR Gulab Jamun 1 kg Tin

Ex Tax: ₹230.00

MTR Gulab Jamun is craving to build your every event sweeter and unusual with the sweetest and yummiest dish. It is one of the direct or ready to eat sweet dishes with excessive flavor you get to joy with. MTR consisting of dumplings usually finished..

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