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Brown & Polson Corn Flour
Brand: Brown & Polson

Brown & Polson Corn Flour 500 g

Ex Tax: ₹77.00

Brown & Polson Cornflour Is Gluten Free And So Finely Milled It Is Naturally Smoother Than Ordinary Flour Giving Greater Results When Used In All Your Cooking. Use It As A Thickening Agent For Your Base Or As A Batter For Frying. This Cornflour Is S..

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Weikfield Baking Powder
Brand: Weikfield

Weikfield Baking Powder 400 g

Ex Tax: ₹75.00

An ideal raising agent, Weikfield Baking Powder is perfect for all sorts of cooking. The raising action has a double benefit - it gets activated as soon as the batter is sifted and mixed, then gets another boost once heat is applied. Thereby giving t..

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Weikfield Baking Powder
Brand: Weikfield

Weikfield Baking Powder 50 g Bottle

Ex Tax: ₹22.00

Weikfield Baking Powder, 50 g Bottle..

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Weikfield Icing Sugar
Brand: Weikfield

Weikfield Icing Sugar 100 g

Ex Tax: ₹30.00

This finely granulated confectioners sugar is another veteran Weikfied product, with a consumer base that spans the country. An excellent ingredient for delicious frosting and icing. ...

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Cadbury Cocoa Powder Mix
Brand: Cadbury

Cadbury Cocoa Powder Mix 2x150 g Multipack

Ex Tax: ₹446.00

This cocoa jar packs the real cadbury chocolate flavour. Grab the Cocoa powder that comes in a beautifully equipped jar ensuring its freshness and longevity. Enjoy as a hot chocolate drink or get creative using it for chocolate recipes. ...

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Weikfield Cocoa
Brand: Weikfield

Weikfield Cocoa 50 g Box

Ex Tax: ₹65.00

Weikfield Cocoa, 50 g Box..

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