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Coriander Leaves
Brand: Local Market

Coriander Leaves 250 g

Ex Tax: ₹60.00

Coriander leaves are green, fragile with a decorative appearance. They contain minimal aroma and have a spicy sweet taste. Now do not bother wasting time cutting off the roots as we value your money and time and provide you the freshest leafy edible ..

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Dill Leaves
Brand: Local Market

Dill Leaves 250 g

Ex Tax: ₹38.75

Green, flimsy and fernlike Dill leaves have a strong aroma. sharp tang and a spongy sugary flavour...

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Curry Leaves
Brand: Local Market

Curry Leaves 100 g

Ex Tax: ₹30.00

With dark green and glossy appearance, curry leaves have a strong flavour and release a tasty aroma when fried in hot oil...

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Chilli - Green Long, Medium
Brand: Local Market

Chilli - Green Long, Medium 250 g

Ex Tax: ₹27.50

MB Chilli - Green Long, Medium, 250 g..

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Brand: Local Market

Ginger 250 g

Ex Tax: ₹16.25

Firm and fibrous ginger roots are stretched with multiple fingers that have light to dark tan skin and rings on it and is aromatic, spicy and pungent. The flavour gets intensified when the ginger is dried and lessens when cooked...

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Brand: Local Market

Garlic 250 g

Ex Tax: ₹62.50

Garlic is made of several heads wrapped in thin whitish layers. They are firm and have a mild flavour. Once crushed, they emit a strong and pungent aroma...

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Coriander Leaves 100 g + Garlic 250 g + Ginger 250 g + Chilli Green Long 250 g
Brand: Local Market

Coriander Leaves 100 g + Garlic 250 g + Ginger 250 g + Chilli Green Long 250 g Combo 4 Items

Ex Tax: ₹140.00

MB Coriander Leaves 100 g + Garlic 250 g + Ginger 250 g + Chilli Green Long 250 g, Combo 4 Items..

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Ginger - Mango
Brand: Local Market

Ginger - Mango 250 g

Ex Tax: ₹23.75

Very similar to Ginger in terms of flavour and appearance, Ginger-Mango has a delightful faint aroma combined with the taste of mango. However, the flavour is not as sharp as ordinary gingers...

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Chilli - Bajji, Mild
Brand: Local Market

Chilli - Bajji, Mild 250 g

Ex Tax: ₹13.75

MB Chilli - Bajji, Mild, 250 g..

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Brand: Local Market

Lemon 250 g

Ex Tax: ₹63.75

With a segmented flesh that has a unique pleasant aroma and a strong sour taste, lemons are round/oval and have a yellow, texturized external peel...

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