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Pork and Ham


Signature Pork - Smoked Breakfast Ham, Sliced
Brand: Local Market Signature

Signature Pork - Smoked Breakfast Ham, Sliced 200 g

₹204.00 ₹221.33
Ex Tax: ₹204.00

Bauwens Smoked Breakfast Ham is made from Pork leg. The pork leg is brined, cured and carefully trimmed. It is then naturally smoked to perfection over a mixture of hickory and applewood chips for up to 30 hours. The ham is infused with the natural s..

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ALF-FARMS Pork - Oxford Sausages

ALF-FARMS Pork - Oxford Sausages 250 g vacuum pack

Ex Tax: ₹165.00

Sink your teeth into these moist and tender sausages, and you will want more. ...

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