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Washing Bar

Rin Detergent Bar
Brand: Rin

Rin Detergent Bar 75 g

Ex Tax: ₹5.00

Presenting the new Rin Bar - with the promise of whiter and brighter clothes so that you can dress to progress. As you stride forward on your journey through life, Rin Bar gives you the confidence to shine, all day, every day. Rin Bar removes the di..

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Sunlight Detergent Bar
Brand: Sunlight

Sunlight Detergent Bar 150 g

Ex Tax: ₹20.00

Leave your laundry woes to Sunlight Detergent Bar. The easy to hold shape gives you a better grip while washing away stains and the refreshing fragrance of the Sunlight Bar makes washing clothes a breeze and helps you add a new shine to all your clot..

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Exo Dishwash Bar - Anti Bacterial, With Cyclozan
Brand: Exo

Exo Dishwash Bar - Anti Bacterial, With Cyclozan 120 g + 20 g Pouch

Ex Tax: ₹10.00

Exo dish shine bar product not only cleans your utensils but also protects them from harmful germs and bacteria. It is fortified with powerful anti-bacterial agents and kills disease-causing bacteria that enter your food through the contamination of ..

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