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Weikfield Custard Powder Vanilla
Brand: Weikfield

Weikfield Custard Powder Vanilla 100 g Carton

Ex Tax: ₹37.00

A range of delicious, calcium-rich custards that can be served in simple creamy custard form or dressed up and set into puddings, trifles, toppings and much more. A great dessert for all age groups and a delicious milk source for children. Weikfield ..

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Weikfield Custard Powder Butterscotch
Brand: Weikfield

Weikfield Custard Powder Butterscotch 75 g Carton

Ex Tax: ₹40.00

WeikField Custard Powder Butterscotch Flavour: Direction for use: 1. Take 500ml of milk in a container, 2. Select your spoon size to match the spoon shown on this packet for precise measurements, 3. Take 3 such spoons (25g) of Weikfield Custard Powde..

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MTR Ready Mix - Vermicelli Payasam
Brand: MTR

MTR Ready Mix - Vermicelli Payasam 180 g Pouch

Ex Tax: ₹75.00

MTR Vermicelli Payasam is a lighter and easier version of the traditional payasam that is prepared in south India on auspicious occasions. This tasty dish can be enjoyed piping hot or cooled, depending on your mood.With a 90-year old history of servi..

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Pillsbury Powder - Custard (Vanilla Flavor)
Brand: Pillsbury

Pillsbury Powder - Custard (Vanilla Flavor) 100 g Carton

Ex Tax: ₹37.00

Pillsbury Custard Powder Golden Vanilla Flavour is finished out of corn flour and turns out to be the mainly creamy and smoothy texture after preparing it. This is an ideal to be provided with fruit salads and puddings. ...

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