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Bechef Tahini Sauce
Brand: Bechef

Bechef Tahini Sauce 300 g

₹286.00 ₹325.00
Ex Tax: ₹286.00

Bechef Tahini is ultra smooth paste of toasted unsalted Sesame seeds. This middle eastern delicacy is used as an ingredient in number of Lebanese and Egyptian dishes. Bechef ensures best quality by using. ...

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Catch Ginger Paste
Brand: Catch

Catch Ginger Paste 100 g

Ex Tax: ₹24.00

Ginger paste has Natural ingredients with no added colour that gives paste a thick and grainy texture, preserving the natural aroma of paste. ...

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Dabur Hommade - Tamarind Paste
Brand: Dabur

Dabur Hommade - Tamarind Paste 200 g

Ex Tax: ₹44.00

Dabur Hommade - Tamarind Paste, 200 g..

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Smith & Jones Ginger Garlic Paste
Brand: Smith & Jones

Smith & Jones Ginger Garlic Paste 200 g

Ex Tax: ₹48.00

The Strong sweet flavour of Garlic combined with the biting taste of ginger makes this combination the base of numerous dishes from different parts of the world, A Special manufacturing process ensures the delicious taste and rich flavour of both the..

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